🌹 Rosewood 🌲

🌹 Rosewood 🌲


Most playing cards feature graphic design on their backs.

Blocs use images. 

Playing cards become borderless, full-bleed Blocs of texture. Printed to the highest quality available, we merge wood grain with crushed US Playing Card Company stock. These blocs are THIN, and have a perfect snap for cardistry!

For the first time: with every order of 6 or more decks, we'll give ya an extra bloc free. Happy Holidays!

🌹Rosewood🌲 marks Bloc Playing Cards' wildly anticipated second release, after American Pine this September. Now only available on ebay and other resellers, decks go anywhere from $25-$150!

All decks are ready to ship at our Bloc warehouse, and are hand packed and distributed by Bloc immediately. We get these into your hands as quickly as processing and shipping allows! 

Limit 36 blocs per customer.

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